The last election

This is the most important election of our lifetimes. Are you going to show up?


    Spread The Vote is addressing the electoral issues that fall between voter registration and voter TURNOUT. Let's work together to get as many members of our communities to the polls as possible.

    83% of eligible voters are registered to vote.
    55% turned out in 2016. We're here to change that.

    • Grassroots GOTV

    • Voter Ed

    • Super Voter Ballot Party Training

    • Vote By Mail in Jail

    • Vote! The Podcast

    • Stand Up Stand In

    • Rapid Response

    • Read The F*ing Directions

    • Work The Polls

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    Grassroots gotv

    Spread The Vote is helping our clients get IDs virtually, making voter guides for first-time voters, and finding the safest methods to get voters to the polls.

    2020 ELECTION GUIDES HAVE ARRIVED! Spread The Vote made election guides for all 12 of our states! 10,000 published guides are going to shetlters, jails, food banks, churches, barber shops, and more in our communities and all of them are available free online! Click below to download a guide!

    voter ed

    Spread The Vote is teaming up with a coalition of partners to teach voters everything they need to know to vote in 2020.

    Watch videos with experts about how to read a ballot, how to vote from home, how to vote with a disability, and more.


    Join Spread The Vote, Vote Captain, and Ballot Ready in September to learn how you can be the voting expert in your community and throw the best virtual ballot parties.


    Spread The Vote and are working with jails across the country to help eligible inmates vote by mail. Visit the website to find out how you can sign up, support, or get involved.

    vote! the podcast

    Join Spread The Vote and every week as we interview guests, answer your biggest voting questions, and prep for voting in 2020.

    comfort at the polls

    Spread The Vote will deploy volunteers at polling places with long lines on election day, delivering snacks, drinks, games, books, pizza, and whatever it takes to help people stay in line.

    rapid response

    Spread The Vote is working with actress and activist PIPER PERABO to address voting emergencies as they happen and alert the public with education and calls to action.


    A campaign to educate new mail-in voters to make sure their ballots are counted in November.


    Spread The Vote and Gamechanger Films are working to help young people power the polls. Featuring PSAs by John Cameron Mitchelle and Gabourey Sidibe. Sign up to be a poll worker at

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